As soon as you opened the Amazon box, you were shocked, a live snake was found in the box! Watch the video

There are many types of frauds in online shopping. Such news keeps coming that something was ordered from the shopping site but something else was delivered. Incidents of wrong or bad items being delivered keep happening but what has come to light today is really heartbreaking. A girl from Karnataka Live snake in Amazon Box Has come out.

snake in parcel

This shocking incident has come to light from Bengaluru. A girl named Tanvi has shared a video on her official Twitter handle and informed about the whole matter. Tanvi has told that she had bought an Xbox controller from Amazon. The parcel was delivered on the scheduled date but along with the goods, she also got a big shock.

According to Tanvi, when the Amazon Box was opened, she was shocked. There was a snake in that box, and that too alive. Seeing the snake in the box, the ground slipped under her feet. Somehow controlling herself, Tanvi showed courage and threw that box in the bucket. In the video above, you can see the Amazon parcel in which the snake is also sitting. We do not have much experience with snakes, but some people say that it is a cobra snake.

Amazon's response

As hot and shocking as the incident of finding a snake in an online package is, Amazon's response to this matter has been equally cold. On the video shared by the victim girl on social media, Amazon has given a very simple reply and said that they will investigate the matter.

It is possible that the snake found in the parcel may not be a human error. But still, the negligence of Amazon employees is definitely visible here. Properly closing the package can prevent any external creature from entering the box. The case that has come to light can really put any life in danger and the company should definitely make necessary changes in its working style in this regard.

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