Boult Dive Pro review: Swag of calling features along with style

Boult Dive Pro review: Swag of calling features along with style

  • There are many smartwatches in the Indian market but when more features are desired, one has to spend more money. But when we heard the name of Boult Dive Pro and its features, we were a little doubtful that how can we get all this at such a low price! Just to know and understand this, we started using this ‘Made in India’ smartwatch and after using it, you can read the review which revealed the results of Bolt Dive Pro.
  • According to us, any smartwatch is mainly used for style, health/fitness and hands-free mobile access. Keeping these things in mind, we have divided the Boult Dive Pro review into three parts in which all its points and aspects have been covered:
  • smart look
    smart use
    smart fitness

smart look

  • First of all, if we talk about look and style, the dial of this smartwatch is 1.78 inches which is made on AMOLED layer. This size fits perfectly on any person’s wrist. Looks neither small nor very big. It comes in three colors: Black, Blue and Cream. We got to use black color which was giving a premium look with gold frame.
  • The smartwatch dial is square shaped with curved round edges. The look of Dive Pro is very glassy and shiny and the dial screen has also been given 2.5D glass protection. The dial frame is made of metal which gives it style as well as strength. Let us tell you that this is an always on display which has 800nits brightness and 326PPI. There was no problem in using the watch outdoors and its fonts were clearly visible even in sunlight.
  • The dial frame of Boult Dive Pro has a round shaped push button on the right side which is fitted towards the top. The mic has been installed below on this side. The speaker grill is given on the left side of the frame. There is space for the watch strap above and below the dial. The thickness of the doyle was just right, neither too thick nor too slim. There is a charging pin on the back side of the dial and a heart rate sensor is also present here. 22mm soft silicone straps are provided with the Dive Pro smartwatch. This strap also did not feel too hard and did not cause sweating.
  • We found the design of the Bold Dive Pro quite amazing. The gold alloy frame on the black dial gives it a premium look. More than 150 faces can be downloaded and used in this smartwatch, which gives the best combination according to your clothes and dress. The combination of the always-on display and the glossy dial is such that both the watch screen and the frame appear merged with each other. Overall, in terms of looks, this smartwatch really proves itself to be ‘smart’ and despite its low price, it feels expensive.

smart use

  • This is a Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch, so this feature should be mentioned first. The Boult Dive Pro can be easily paired with a smartphone through the BoultFit App. Bluetooth 5.0 is available in it. In our house, we kept the phone on the first floor and used the watch by going out into the street on the ground floor, even then it remained connected to the phone. This distance is enough for us. You can keep the phone anywhere in your home or office and move around.
  • Talking about calling, we made outgoing calls as well as received incoming calls from the Bolt Dive Pro. Both of them were talking easily. The mic was able to capture the sound properly even when the wrist was kept at a reasonable distance from the face. Yes, we found the speaker placement a bit awkward here during calling. Since the speaker was on the left side, one had to lift the hand a little higher to hear the sound. There is no problem in sound quality.
  • In this, mic and speaker outputs can be easily switched during calling. Apart from calls, app notifications on Bold Dive Pro are also available on time. The good thing here is that app icons are also visible in these notifications. These notifications also include messages from WhatsApp and Instagram which can be read only on the smartwatch. Boult Dive Pro comes with IP rating which keeps it water resistant in daily use.
  • In this you also get camera access. That means the smartphone camera can be turned on from the watch itself and photos can be clicked. Phone music can be controlled from the smartwatch itself. Instagram reels can also be enjoyed with its audio. Talking about battery backup, once fully charged, we used it daily. Made calls several times and also played music several times. In normal usage, Dive Pro lasted more than 5 days.

smart fitness

  • Boult Dive Pro can also prove to be very useful for those who want to continuously track their health. Features like Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2 Blood Oxygen Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Sleep Monitor and Breath Training have been provided in the smartwatch.
  • To know the accuracy of the smartwatch fitness tracker, we simultaneously used the blood oxygen monitor present in the Bolt Dive Pro and the recently launched premium Realme 11 Pro+ 5G phone, and the results of both were almost the same.
  • For people who work out daily, this smartwatch has a step count as well as a calorie burn tracker. Your daily workout routine can also be saved in the Dive Pro smartwatch

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