Endefo Enbuds 10 Review: Know whether the Apple-look earbuds worth just Rs 799 are worth buying or not?

Endefo Enbuds 10 Review: Know whether the Apple-look earbuds worth just Rs 799 are worth buying or not?

  • Entering the Indian tech market some time ago, Endefo had launched many of its products. The company sent one of these products, Endefo Enbuds 10, to us for review. As soon as these small sized earbuds arrived, we tried to use them to find out whether they are worth buying for less than Rs 1,000 or not. Let us know this further in the review…


  • The case of Enbuds 10 is quite small and compact, which can be easily carried in the pocket. There is a Type-C port place for charging at the bottom of the case, which is a good thing, because in today’s time the chargers available with most phones are Type-C only, so with these earbuds you will not have to buy a separate charger. There will be no need to walk.
  • At the same time, the earbuds present inside this small case will look exactly like Apple AirPods. However, these buds have blinking blue and red lights on the top. Overall, considering the price, the material of both the case and earbuds would be considered good. At the same time, it is fine in terms of design.


  • If we talk about their fit, they will not make you feel comfortable for a long time. When I started using the earbuds that come without eartips daily during my office travel, I often felt a slight pain in the ears for a few seconds after removing them. That’s why I didn’t like their fit much. At the same time, there is always a fear of them falling out of the ears even during exercise and running.

sound quality

  • The company has given 13mm speakers in it. At the same time, during testing, the sound often sounds a bit distorted in the high bass. If you are in a noisy place, you may face some trouble, because due to outside noise, it becomes difficult to listen to the music playing in the earphones. At the same time, this problem remains the same even during the calling experience. However, considering the price, its sound quality can be said to be decent.


  • The company has given Bluetooth version 5.1 in it for better connectivity. Once you pair it with your phone, the next time you just take out the earbuds and wear them, they automatically connect to the phone. Its range is up to 10 meters. No matter where the phone is kept, it is capable of providing clear voice up to 10 meters.


  • The company has equipped the case of this earbuds with a 300 mAh battery. At the same time, both the earbuds are provided with 30 mAh battery. The company claims that its battery backup is up to 20 hours. During our testing, we got about 2 hours of continuous backup from the earbuds. At the same time, it also took around 2 hours to charge it.


  • These earbuds, which are priced at Rs 799, can be said to be good as per their price. If you use earbuds only a few times a day or are looking for great looking earphones in a budget category for the first time, then this can be purchased.

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