Gizmore Glo Z review: The most powerful placement in the budget segment

Gizmore Glo Z review: The most powerful placement in the budget segment

  • Gizmore has been quite aggressive in the Indian gadgets market for quite some time now. The company is launching its new products at regular intervals, which also includes the Gizmore Glow Z smartwatch. This smartwatch comes with premium look and features in the budget segment. In this watch, the company has given AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling, metal dial and many health trackers. Here we have brought you the review of this budget friendly smartwatch from Gizmor.

Gizmore Glow Z: Design and build quality

  • Gizmore Glow Z smartphone looks like it is of premium quality, but it has been introduced in the budget segment. The company has launched this watch at a price of only Rs 1,499.
  • Talking about the build quality of the watch, the company has used high quality metal. Its dial comes with a slim body. Along with this, the silicone strap is comfortable on the wrist and offers a stunning look. The front edge of this watch is of curvy shape and looks smooth and elegant.

Gizmore Glow Z: Features


  • Gizmor’s latest smartwatch features a large 1.78-inch HD display, which is an AMOLED panel and comes with Always-on-Display (AOD) support. Along with this, if we talk about the brightness of the display of the watch, it does not disappoint you whether it is indoor or outdoor. Besides this, the colors are also quite vibrant.

Connectivity and Calling:

  • The company has introduced Gizmore Glow Z with Bluetooth calling. With this watch, you can make calls as well as receive calls. You can make hands-free calling with the help of in-built speaker and mic provided in the watch. The calling quality of this smartwatch from Gizmor is excellent. Gizmore: The company has made a lot of improvements in its microphone compared to the previous smartwatch.
  • Talking about the speaker of this watch, whether it is calling or music, its quality is decent. The sound output is better indoors, but outdoors or in case of even slight noise, the sound gets suppressed. The budget in which Gizmor has launched this watch. In this case it is fine. But we hope that the company will continue to update the features and hardware in the future.
  • IP67 Rating: Gizmore’s latest Glow Z smartwatch comes with IP67 rating, which keeps this watch safe from water and dust. That means you can wear it without any worry during outdoor-indoor workouts.

Sports and Health:

  • This watch supports multiple activities like walking, running, hiking, cycling, basketball, swimming, yoga and other activities. Along with this, many health tracking sensors like SpO2, heart rate, pulse monitor, sleep tracker are available in the watch.
  • These sensors sometimes take time to collect data. Many times one has to wait a lot with this. The health sensor can be optimized a little better. This data can also be accessed in the smartwatch.
  • App Experience: After connecting Gizmore’s smartwatch to the phone, FitCloudPro App has to be installed on the phone. This app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. With this app you can transfer your health data to Google Fit and Health Connect.

User Interface:

  • Talking about the user interface of the watch, it is much better. There are many screen options available in the watch screen. Along with this, music control, call dial, brightness, torch and other controls are available in the watch. Considering the price segment in which the company has launched the watch, it is quite fantastic. The company has supported many watchfaces in Gizmore Glow Z Watch. Along with this, users can also customize the watchface as per their choice.

Battery Life:

  • Gizmore Glow Z smartwatch offers 12 to 13 days of battery backup on a single charge. However, the watch was used normally during this period. During Bluetooth connectivity, this watch offers a backup of about 5 days. This watch from Gizmor gets fully charged in about 3 hours of charge. The company has provided a magnetic pin charger with the watch.

Gizmore Glow Z: Review Vertict

  • If we look at the price segment of Gizmore Glow Z, it is a value for money smartwatch. In this you get a great AMOLED display which is not usually seen in watches of this price segment. Along with this, Bluetooth calling, fitness and health features make this watch a better option. Talking about battery, it is also quite satisfactory. If you have a limited budget then Gizmore Glow Z can be the best choice for you, which offers you many premium features for less money.

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