Haier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Split AC review, know how it is a smart AC equipped with Wi-Fi

Haier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Split AC

Earlier, ACs were in demand only in cities, but now its demand has started reaching tier-2 and tier-3 markets. In view of this demand, Haier has launched the Heavy Duty Air Conditioner series with Hexa Inverter Technology. One of these models, Haier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Pro Hexa Inverter Intelli Smart Split AC, also came to us for review, which we have been using for the last few days. Its name itself must have made it clear that it is a smart category AC. In such a situation, the question is how smart is this AC and where does it stand in front of the big brand ACs available in the market in terms of cooling and design? We have tried to know this in our review.

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how is the design

Advertisement of this AC of Haier is being seen a lot these days during IPL matches and it also looks smart when seen on TV. A similar experience occurred when viewed from the front also. Looking at the indoor unit of this air conditioner, it seems that the company has worked hard on its design. Its design is slightly different from other air conditioners. While there is a copper colored strip on the front of the AC, there are copper colored frames on both the sides. In such a situation, instead of being completely white, these color designs make the segment even better.

Haier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Split ACHaier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Split AC

Talking about the build quality of the AC, good quality plastic has been used in it, due to which it improves the interior of your home. The indoor unit of AC can be called compact. Its dimensions are 102cm x 24cm x 32cm (WxDxH) and weight is 15 kg. Like every AC, this one also has a small LCD display on the front of the indoor unit, on which information about cooling can be obtained. Metal and plastic have been used in its external unit. In the outdoor unit you get gas valve, liquid valve and other things. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 86cm x 35cm x 55cm (WxDxH) and the weight is around 32 kg.

A small remote is also available with the AC, which works with two replaceable batteries. You get many options on the remote, such as on-off, temperature, timer, fan swing, convertible mode, turbo, self clean, health, dry, sleep, cool, eco etc.


This is a 1.6 ton Split AC from Haier, which comes with 5 star BEE rating and high ambient cooling feature. This is the company's Kinouchi series AC, which supports Hexa Inverter technology (DC Inverter Technology). It has new DC technology which is equipped with Plus Kill Control feature. This technology proves helpful in fast start and fast cooling. The cooling efficiency of AC is 5460 watts, power consumption is 1395 watts. Let us tell you that its annual energy consumption is ‎837 Kilowatt Hours.

Also, its air circulation is 1200 CFM. It is perfect for medium sized rooms. It comes with copper conditional coil and the noise level is 34 dB. Talking about its other highlights, it is equipped with features like 10 second supersonic cooling, Frost Selfie Clean, 7 in 1 Intelli Convertible Mode, Hybrid PCB. R32 refrigerant is provided in it. The company claims that this AC is capable of providing better cooling without having a bad impact on the environment. It has anti-corrosive copper coil. Also, it is a smart AC and it also gives you the facility to control it through Wi-Fi so that you can control the AC even while sitting far away.

Performance and Operation

In the performance segment, first of all let's talk about its range and cooling capacity. …So let me tell you that this AC is set at 24 degrees Celsius by default. As soon as the AC is turned on, you start getting cool breeze within a minute, which would be considered quite good, because on an average the AC turns on the compressor in two to three minutes.
During the test of this air conditioner, we found that it cools a room of 12×13 fit size in three to five minutes. The speed and flow of the fan was quite good. Regarding flow, the company claims that its air flow is up to 20 meters. Although we also demoed it in a quiet room, but flow and cooling are two different things. In such a situation, it cannot be said that this conditioner will cool a 20 meter long room. But looking at the flow and cooling, I would definitely say that it is capable of cooling even a 16×16 fit sized room easily or in other words, it is perfect for a big hall or master bedroom.

Haier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Split ACHaier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Split AC

However, you can set the speed of the fan in different modes, such as high, auto, low etc. If you want fast cooling when you enter the house from outside, then you can use the turbo option present on the remote. Similarly, you get the option of dry mode which is very effective in the sticky heat during monsoon. The remote has good range. There was no problem in operating it even from a distance of 10-15 feet.

People choose split AC instead of window because it has less noise and in this case also it gives you a better experience. Its noise level is 34dB, which can be said to be low. Even if the fan speed is kept medium, you will not even realize that the AC is running.

The performance of AC is better in terms of cooling. After powering on the AC, i.e. as soon as the unit is activated, cooling is felt. We initially used it at 24 degrees Celsius, which is the standard temperature of AC. It took about 3 to 7 minutes for the room to cool down at this temperature. Whereas using it at 16 degrees Celsius, the room cools down rapidly. The company claims that it works well even at 60 degrees Celsius. The temperature in Delhi is more than 40 degrees in the months of May-June and the real test of AC occurs during this time. However, it passed that test, because even at this temperature of 40 degrees, we used it at 24-25 degrees and the room got completely cooled in 7-10 minutes.

Usually, when people think of buying an AC, they are very concerned about the electricity bill, but this AC also has ambient cooling feature along with convertible mode to save electricity. It has 7-in-1 Intelli Convertible modes (Auto, Turbo, Normal, L1-Eco, L1 Eco, L3-Eco, Quiet), which automatically adjusts the cooling capacity as per the need. The user can also control the cooling capacity as needed (40% to 110% capacity). However, it would be too early to say anything on this, because at present there was no way to measure the power unit consumption. This assessment can be done only after the arrival of the bill.

Frost Self Clean Technology

Haier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Split ACHaier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Split AC

This AC comes with frost self clean technology. You get this option on the remote control only. With the help of this process you can clean the indoor unit of AC. With the help of this process any odor, dust and bacteria can be removed. Cold expansion technology creates a thick layer of ice on the coils and drains the dirty water through the drain pipe in no time. This process takes approximately 21 minutes and completely cleans the indoor unit. Although your AC will remain on during this time, you do not get cold winds. In this case your service cost is saved. Let me also tell you that it will clean only the inside and not the pipes and outdoor unit. In such a situation, you will have to get the service which is usually required once a year.

Equipped with Wi-Fi feature

As we mentioned earlier that it comes with built-in Wi-Fi dongle, but to use it you will have to download Hai Smart app on your smartphone. After this you have to register through your mobile number or email ID. Although there is some difficulty in the registration process through this medium, but if you have a Facebook account, then the registration process becomes easy. In the app you get facilities like setting temperature, modes, wind speed, timer, sleep curve, filters etc. If you want, you can operate it through voice control through Google Assistant (Gemini) or Amazon Alexa. Once the AC is connected to Wi-Fi, it becomes easy to operate it from anywhere.


Haier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Split ACHaier 1.6 Ton Kinouchi Heavy Duty Split AC

If you are looking for a heavy duty AC equipped with smart features, then this one meets the criteria completely. Haier 1.6 Ton 5 Star Kinouchi Heavy Duty Pro Hexa Inverter Intelli Smart Split AC (HSU19K-PYFR5BN-INV) is priced at Rs 46,990 on the company's website. Talking about our experience, firstly the installation process was smooth and the AC did not disappoint in terms of cooling and performance during use. But still I would say that if the price was a little lower, it would have been more competitive, because in this price range, brands like Blue Star, General, LG, Samsung and Panasonic also come, which have made their mark in the AC segment for many years. Despite this, I would say that the performance is good and if you are planning to buy an AC, then you can take a look at this Haier AC. The company is offering 5 years comprehensive warranty on the product, while it is offering 12 years warranty on the compressor. The AC installation process is paid.

Talking about its competitors, Panasonic's 1.5 Ton AC is priced at Rs 44,990 on Flipkart, LG AI 1.5 Ton AC is priced at Rs 46990.

what comes in the box

With AC Unit you get in the box 1 Indoor Unit, 1 Outdoor Unit, Remote Controller, 2 AAA Batteries, User Manual, Warranty Card, Indoor Unit Wall Mount, Poly-E-Foam Wrapped Copper Tube (Length: 3 Meter), Power Supply Cord – Indoor to Outdoor Connection (Length: 3.5 meters)

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