Honor Choice Watch Review: Smartwatch with great display and looks

Honor Choice Watch Review: Smartwatch with great display and looks

  • Honor had introduced the Honor Choice smartwatch in the Wearable category in India last month. The company had launched this watch for Rs 6,499. The watch won hearts at first sight because its look and design are quite attractive. At the same time, this is a mid-range Android smartwatch which has many impressive features, like fitness, health, Bluetooth calling, Spo2, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking etc. If you are thinking of buying this watch and If you want to know about it then you can read our review further.
  • We used the Honor Choice smartwatch for about two weeks. Therefore, we are presenting our experience during use in the form of a review. Before starting, let us tell you that this watch came to us in black color option. Apart from black color, the watch is available in white color.


  • The first thing that attracted us towards this watch was its design. The smartwatch looks sturdy and has a large rectangular dial, which shows off its premium quality. The rectangular dial shape will be liked by those people who usually like to wear watches with large dials. However, despite having a large dial, its weight is quite light, due to which it does not cause any harm or mark on the skin on your wrist even if worn throughout the day.
    If we talk about the strap of this watch, it looks similar to Apple Watch. The straps given in it are of very good quality. However, to avoid any damage to the skin, you should always wear the watch with clean wet hands. Additionally, it is water resistant, which protects it from water splashes and sweat during exercise.


  • Talking about the screen, it has a large 1.95 inch AMOLED display, which provides a great viewing experience. The display quality of the Honor Choice Watch also impressed me a lot. It feels like a very premium display. At the same time, it is quite easy to see the display even in direct sunlight.
  • However, the brightness has to be adjusted manually. This means I sometimes have a little trouble using the watch in dim light or at midnight. But leaving this aside, overall the display of this watch is fantastic.


  • Let us now talk about its performance which is a must for any watch buyer. To use this Honor smartwatch, you will first have to download the app named Honor Health. I used this watch with my Google Pixel 8, which had no problem downloading apps. It took me about 15 minutes to download the app and get it all set up.
  • Usually I rarely use Bluetooth calling in smartwatches, but I am impressed by the Bluetooth calling of this watch. The connection and audio are quite clear. To check its Bluetooth calling, one day I peeked at all the calls coming on the phone through the watch, during which I did not face any problem in talking. The best part is that the watch only connects via Bluetooth calling when I select it.
  • Apart from Bluetooth calling, the special thing about this watch is that you can also use the photos present in your phone as the face of this watch. If you do not like the watch face given in the app, then you can use any picture of your choice in your phone’s gallery to make it your watch face, which is quite easy. At the same time, the quality of photos that you get in the phone, you will get the same quality of photos on the face of the watch.
  • Overall, the Honor Smartwatch impresses with its price and performance. However, it also has minor problems, like sometimes there are issues in syncing etc. Apart from this, Heart rate monitoring, Blood oxygen monitoring, Blood pressure monitor, Sleep monitoring, Activity tracker etc. work well.

long battery life

  • Honor Choice Watch will not disappoint you in terms of long battery life. It gets fully charged in just less than 2 hours. After charging, we used this watch continuously for about 3-4 days, which means you will not have to worry about the watch’s battery draining during the day.


  • If you are looking for a premium Android smartwatch, the Honor Choice Watch is definitely the one for you. It has a great design, solid build quality, great display and is equipped with Bluetooth calling. However, its price may seem a little high to you, because often customers want to spend only Rs 4-5 thousand for a watch.

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