How to change mobile number in bank account, know the easy way

It is very important to link your mobile number with your bank account. This is not only important for security, but during transactions, OTP also comes on your registered mobile number. If your mobile number is linked to your bank account, but you want to change it or link your mobile number with your bank, then this is easy. Almost all banks have this feature. mobile number change The way to do it is the same. Here the country's largest public banks 'State Bank of India (SBI)' Let us know about changing mobile number through mobile app, internet banking, ATM.

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How to update mobile number in bank account from home (through net banking)

If you want to change the mobile number in your SBI account while sitting at home, then you can take the help of net banking. Users can follow the steps given below to change the registered mobile number of their bank:

step 1: SBI Net Banking Official Website ( for free.
Step- 2: After the bank site opens Personal Banking After going in, login with your credentials. After successful login 'Profile' You will have to go to the section that says.

Step- 3:
Here you now 'Personal details' You have to click on that option.
Step- 4: after this Change Mobile Number Click on that option.
STEP- 5: On the next screen you Enter new mobile number You will be asked to do it. Once done 'OK' Click on.

After this your mobile number will either be registered or linked to your bank account. You will receive a confirmation message from the bank regarding change of registered mobile number. If you have not requested, contact the bank immediately.

How to Change Mobile Number in Bank Account (Through ATM)

SBI provides its customers the facility to update their mobile number through ATM. To avail this facility, you have to follow the steps given below:

step 1: the nearest first SBI ATM Or go to the ATM of the bank in which you have an account.

Step- 2: Enter the SBI Debit Card in the ATM and select from the options given 'Registration' Then select the .
Step- 3: then your own ATM PIN Enter.
Step- 4: Here you will see many options, out of which 'Mobile Number Registration' Then select the .
STEP- 5: after this 'Change Mobile Number' Select the option.
Step- 6: your previous mobile number Enter and confirm it.
Step- 7: on both your numbers OTP Will be received.
Step- 8: After this, you will receive the reference number and OTP through message in the following format within 4 hours 567676 Will have to send it to.
In the message ACTIVATE IOTP VALUE + REF NUMBER After typing 567676 'IOTP VALUE' means OTP which you have received on your mobile.
Step- 9: Once the SMS is sent, your mobile number will be updated in the bank account soon.

How to Change Mobile Number in Bank Account (From Branch)

If you prefer to change your registered mobile number physically, you can also do the same by visiting the nearest SBI branch:


step 1: First of all go to the nearest SBI branch. Keep the necessary documents with you like Aadhar card, passbook etc.
Step- 2: After this ask the SBI officer to update the mobile number registered in your bank account.
Step- 3: Here you will be given a form which you have to fill. Enter all the important details along with the new phone number in it.
Step- 4: Hand over the filled form to the executive to send your mobile number updation request.
STEP- 5: After submitting the form, the bank will send you information regarding change of phone number through SMS or email in the next few days.

You can change the registered mobile number linked with other bank accounts through the methods mentioned above. The method of changing the mobile number remains more or less the same.


What if I do not register my mobile number with the bank?

If you do not register your mobile number with the bank, you will not receive any important information from the bank, such as when you make a transaction either credit or debit to your account. Along with this, OTP is also required to make a transaction. Therefore, it is necessary to register the mobile.

Is every SBI Bank customer number registered with the bank?

Ideally every bank customer should have his/her number registered with the bank.

What is the benefit of linking the mobile number to the account?

There are many benefits of linking your mobile number to your bank account. You can change the password of your internet banking account or generate a new password if you have forgotten it, you will also get information about all the transactions done in your bank account.

How to Change Mobile Number in SBI Credit Card

You can also take the help of credit card to change mobile number in SBI card:

step 1: on your browser Go to and login.
Step- 2: After this go to 'My Profile' section.
Step- 3: Now click on 'Quick Contact' and select the 'Edit' button next to the mobile number.
Step- 4: Now click on 'Generate OTP'.
Step 5:: Once OTP is received on your existing registered mobile number, enter it.
Step- 6: Now enter the new mobile number and click on 'Submit' button.
Your SBI credit card mobile number will be changed soon.

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