How to do screen recording in laptop, know this easy way

How to record screen on laptop

If you are on your laptop or desktop Screen recording If you want to do this, then it has become quite easy. You can take the help of some keys for this or there are some third party apps available, with the help of which screen recording can be done in laptop. By the way, there are many built-in features to record the screen in Windows laptop or PC. Let's know how to do screen recording in laptop,

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How to Screen Record on Laptop (With Xbox Game Bar)

If you use a Windows 11 laptop, then you can also do screen recording with the help of Xbox Game Bar. For this, follow the steps given below:

step 1: To run the Xbox Game Bar Windows key + G Press .

How to record screen on laptopHow to record screen on laptop

Now to load the Game Bar “Yes, this is a game” Select the checkbox.
Step-3: Now open the app whose record the screen want to do.
Step-4: Click on Start Recording button to record the screen or Win + Alt + R Press .

If you want to record audio as well, you need to enable the microphone from the game bar. After this, the recording will start.

You red button You can stop the recording by clicking on it.
Step-7: That's it! The screen recording in Windows PC will be saved as MP4 in the Captures subfolder under the Video folder on your device. You can also access the recording from the Xbox app under the Game DVR menu. However, this screen recorder for Windows laptop/PC only works on a few apps.

How to do screen recording in laptop (with Snipping Tool)

You can do screen recording with the help of Snipping Tool in Windows laptop and PC. For this, you have to follow the methods given below.

step 1: From the search bar on your Windows 11 laptop/PC Snipping Tool Open the .

A small window will open. Click on the top right here video recorder Press on the icon.
Step-3: once it is done the 'New' button Press .
Step-4: After this the screen will dim automatically. Now select the area of ​​the screen that you want to record. If you want, you can also cover the entire screen.
Step-5: Now you will see a small toolbar at the top, which will show 'Start', 'Microphone' and 'Mute audio' There will be buttons.

Now 'START' Press and the selected portion of the screen will be recorded. Once you're done recording, Red Dot Press the icon.
Step-8: Now the recorded video will be played in a new window through which you can save it or even edit it. Let us tell you that unlike the Xbox Game Bar, the Snipping Tool can capture the screen of any app or window of your PC/laptop.


What third party apps are available for screen recording on laptop?

If you are looking for apps for screen recording in Windows 10 and 11 laptop, then Movavi, Audacity and OBS Studio There are many screen recording apps available. All you need to do is install them and understand how they work. By the way, there are also screen recording Chrome extensions that allow you to capture the screen of any window on your laptop.

Are there any shortcuts on Windows to start recording the screen?

You can use the Windows + G keys to open the Xbox Game Bar and press the 'Capture' button to start screen recording. After recording your screen, you can press the Windows + Alt + R keys to quickly stop and save the recording.

What are the keyboard shortcuts to control the Xbox Game Bar?

There are several keyboard shortcuts available to control the Xbox Game Bar. In Windows 10, you can also view and change the shortcuts in the Settings screen. For this, go to Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar.
On the other hand, to view and edit shortcuts in Windows 11, you have to open the Game Bar interface. These are some shortcuts that may be useful for you:

Windows key+G: To open the Xbox Game Bar.
Windows key+Alt+R: To start and stop screen recording.
Windows key+Alt+G: To record the last 30 seconds of screen activities.
Windows key+Alt+B: Turn HDR on or off.
Windows key+Alt+PrtScn: To take a still screenshot of your screen.

How to record screen without launching Game Bar?

For this, first press Windows key+Alt+R. A small recording panel appears on the screen. When finished, click the Stop button and then open the Game Bar. Your new recording will now appear in the Gallery window for you to play. If you want to capture the last 30 seconds of screen activities, then press Windows key+Alt+G again.

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