How to Download Instagram Reels (2024), Best Method

Instagram Reels These days people are liking it a lot. If you also feel like downloading it after seeing the fun reels on Instagram, then now the process of downloading Instagram has become easy. For this, neither do you have to copy-paste the link of the reels nor do you need any third party app. You can easily download the reels shared on Instagram's public account. Let us tell you in detail here Instagram Reels download Very easy way to do it:

In this article:

How to Download Instagram Reels

There are many ways to download Instagram reels. First, let's know how to download Instagram reels from your own feed:

step 1: First, install the Instagram app (Instagram app) Open it. Then from below Reels tab Go to.
Step-2: Now open the reel which you want to download want to do.
Step-3: down here on the right Airplane icon Tap on .

Step-4:You will see a number of options at the bottom Download The option of will also be visible.Step-5: download Tap on the option. Then the downloading of the reel will start on your device.

instagram reels download in hindiinstagram reels download in hindi

Apart from this, you can also take the help of screen recorder on Android and iOS devices to save Instagram reels. On Android devices, pull down the notification shade and then tap on the screen recorder icon in the Quick Settings option and open Instagram Reel to start recording. On iPhone, go to Control Center and tap on the gray record icon, then wait for a 3-second countdown, then the screen recording will start. Exit Control Center and go to the Instagram app and play the reel. Finally, to stop recording, open Control Center and then tap on the red record button.

How to download Instagram reels (from 3rd party app)

To download Instagram reels, you can take the help of third party downloader apps and their use is also quite easy:

  • You can use a third party downloader to download Instagram reels. While there are many downloader apps like InstaSave, InstDown and InSave for iOS devices, you can use apps like Reels video downloader for Ig, Video Downloader, download vid, ETM Video Downloader for Android or you can also use FastDL.Instagram Videos DownloadInstagram Videos Download
  • After downloading the Instagram download app on the device, copy the link of the reel you want to download and paste it in the downloader app. After this, that Instagram reel will start downloading in the device.

How to save Instagram reels to watch later

If you want to save Instagram reels to watch later, you can follow the steps given below:

step 1: First of all that Instagram Reels Open the , which you save want to do it. then three dots Tap on the icon with .
Step-2: then you will see here save The option will appear, click on it Tap Turn and Reel save It will be done.

instagram reels download in hindiinstagram reels download in hindi
Step-3: Now to view the saved reels Profile Page Go to and tap on the top right Hamburger Menu Tap . Then Saved Tap on . Here you will see the saved reels, which can be played.


Can Instagram Reels be downloaded?

Yes, you can download your favorite trending Instagram reels. You can download it on your iPhone, Android or even desktop if you want. If you want to download reels from your feed, there are simple and practical ways for it, but what about downloading reels from other accounts? Until recently, users were not allowed to download Instagram reels from other users' public accounts using the native tool, but this feature has now been introduced in the US. On the other hand, downloading reels from public accounts in other countries may face limitations.

Can I download Instagram reels in high video resolution?

The recommended resolution for Instagram reels is 1080 x 1920p. Usually, users can download reel videos up to 720p resolution. However, if the creators have released the reel in high resolution (1080p), then such reels can also be downloaded.

Is there a limit on the number of videos that can be downloaded?

If Reels are available for download, there is no clear information about the limit on the number of videos that can be downloaded.

Can I download reels videos from any users?

No, the feature to download reels is made available for public Instagram accounts that have enabled this feature in privacy settings. However, users can bookmark or save reels to watch later.

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