How to download videos from Twitter i.e.X! (2024)

how to download twitter video

if you Twitter i.e. X If you want to download a video from X, then there is no direct way to do it here, that is, you do not get any download button on X. Therefore, to download the video, you will have to use third party apps or tools. Although there is an easy way to save photos here, but it is not the case with video downloads. Let's know How to download Twitter videos can do.

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How to download Twitter videos on Android phone?

There are many apps available on Google Play Store to download videos from Twitter on Android phones. If you want, then for this Video Downloader for Twitter You can use the app because it is easy to use. To download videos with its help, you can follow the steps given below:

step 1: To download videos from Twitter i.e.X, first go to your Android device Video Downloader for Twitter Download the app.
Step-2: Now go to the video on the X platform which you want to download. Here you will get the option of share icon, when you click on it, then Copy Link You will see the option of . Tap on it and copy the link.

Twitter video downloaderTwitter video downloader

After copying the link Video Downloader for Twitter Open the app and paste the copied link (URL) here.
Step-4: after this download Click on the button. After this the downloaded video will be saved in the phone's gallery. From where you can easily share it or even watch it offline.

Twitter video downloaderTwitter video downloader

How to download Twitter (X) videos on iOS devices?

Downloading Twitter (X) videos on your iPad or iPhone is easy. Follow the steps below:

step 1: On the first iOS device shortcuts app Install it.
Step-2: Then open the device settings and search for the Shortcuts app and Allow Untrusted Shortcuts Enable it.
Step-3: Then open this link on your device and Gate Shortcut Click on.
Step-4: Download shortcut for Twitter video downloader Shortcuts App It will open in.
Step-5: then scroll down to Add Untrusted Shortcut Tap on .
Step-6: After this go to Twitter, then select the video which you want to watch. download want to do. Here you have to tap on the share icon, after that you Twitter Video Downloader A new option will appear, select it.
Step-7: The shortcut will then launch and you will be asked if you want to play the video high, medium or low quality I want to download it.
Step-8: Once you've Video quality Once you select it, the video will be downloaded to your phone's gallery from where you can access it.

How to download Twitter videos on Desktop/PC?

It is easy to download Twitter videos on desktop or PC. For this, follow the steps given below:

step 1: Open Twitter i.e. X on PC-desktop. Then select the video you want to watch download want to do.
Step-2: after this Right click on the video Click here. You can download the video from here Link You can copy it.
Step-3: Now you Download video from Twitter You have to open the site. Then paste the copied link of the Twitter video.

Twitter video downloaderTwitter video downloader
Step-4: Thereafter, the below download By tapping on the button, you will select video quality Have to do it.

After selecting the video quality Video It will open, then click on the bottom right three dots After clicking on the menu, you will download The option will appear. You can now download the video by clicking on the download button.


What app can I use to download videos from Twitter (X)?

There are many apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download videos from Twitter. If you want, you can download Download Twitter videos for Android app for Android or TweetSave app for iOS devices from here. You can also use iOS's built-in function Twitter video downloader shortcut.

How do you download a 1 hour long video from Twitter?

The process of downloading an hour-long video is similar to the process of downloading a normal video from Twitter. You can either use a website that supports Twitter video downloads or install an app that downloads videos on your phone.

Is it free to download videos from Twitter?

Yes, it is free. Downloading videos from Twitter is absolutely free for everyone.

Can I download videos directly from Twitter or X app?

No, Twitter.exe does not allow you to download videos directly from the app. For this, you will have to use third-party tools or apps.

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