How to make a team in Dream 11 (2024), know these easy tips

ICC T20 World Cup 2024 It is starting from June 2, 2024. Let us tell you that this time the T20 World Cup is being held in USA and West Indies and 20 teams are participating. A total of 55 matches will be played during the World Cup and the final match will be played in the UAE. 29 June will be played on. T20 World Cup 2024 There is a great chance to win up to Rs 1.5 crore during this. For this you need to use Fantasy App Dream 11 But you have to play by forming a team. Let us tell you that Dream11 is the most popular Fantasy Sports App This is one of them. Know how download dream11 app can do, How to create a team (How to create a team in Dream11) , How to select playersHow to set today's Dream 11 team and any How many points for a player? do you get it etc?

In this article:

How to download and register Dream11 app

Dream11 Fantasy Game To create a team, first you need to install the Dream11 app on your Android And iOS You will have to download it for Android and iOS. To download it on Android and iOS, you will have to follow the steps given below:

step 1: Android And iOS Step by step to download Dream11 app on the device Google Play Store And App Store Open the .
Step-2: Now click on the search bar at the top “Dream 11” Type and search for it.
Step-3: then from search result dream11 app Then select the .
Step-4: after this “Install” Click on the button.
Step-5: Now Dream11 app is available on your device download And Install It will start happening.
Step-6: Once the installation process is complete, open the Dream11 app. Then select the language.


Step-7: After this, on the app your Account Create it, if you already have an account, then login with the existing account. If you want, mobile number And OTP You can also register through.

Step-8: To play after completing the registration process On-screen Follow the instructions. After this the match has to be selected.


Step-9: The initial entry fee to participate in Dream11 contest is Rs 1 Rupees The entry fee may vary according to different prizes. After this you can participate in the competition.

Step-10: When you click on entry fee, on next page OTP Via Verify the Aadhaar Have to do it.

However your age to play Dream11 18 years should be more than . That's it! Now you can download the app on your Android and iOS devices Set your team and play on Dream11 You can enjoy the .

how to make a team in dream 11

Dream11 Skill Game It is where you create a team of real players for the upcoming match and can win big prizes. Let's know how to create a team in Dream 11 ( How to create a team in Dream11,

step 1: Every cricket team on Dream11 11 players Must be from one of the teams Up to 10 players can only be selected.

Player Type the minimum Bowler
wicket keeper 1 8
Batter 1 8
all rounder 1 8
Bowler 1 8

Dream11 is now the best platform for you to buy upcoming cricket match On that you want to play Click Do it. After this, your dream11 team Select players for. Also, choose a player for your team Captain And vice captain will also have to be appointed.

  • Captain you will be reminded of the real match 2x will give points.
  • The vice-captain will help you prepare for the actual match 1.5x will give points.
  • Max in your team 4 Backup You can add them. You can put them in priority order.
  • If your team's player is not in the starting eleven, the backup can be your team's Undeclared And substitute Will replace the player.
  • Backups are available only for selected cricket matches and can be added as an option.

Step-3: Minimum amount required to create a Dream11 team 1 wicket-keeper, 3-5 batsmen, 1-3 all-rounders And 3-5 bowlers The total of all players Credit 100 The score should not exceed 100. Use your cricket skills to create a team that will give you the most points within the 100-point budget for the selected match. You can score as many points as you want in each match. 11 teams You can create and join contests with . Also, you can try different combinations to increase your chances of winning.

Step-4: In Dream11 only certain people can get any Competition There is permission to join in, so don't wait to join the competition you want to, rather join it now.

How to create a winning team on Dream11

If you want to win money by making a team on Dream11, then you have to keep many things in mind:

  1. Where is the match being played and the players there previous record How has it been?
  2. Captain And Vice Captain Make those who have a good record on that ground. Also, don't ignore the recent performance.
  3. The ground where the match is being played pitch How is it? Is the pitch good for batsmen or bowlers? Also, keep in mind how many runs can be scored on that pitch.
  4. There are crores of rupees of prize money available on Dream11, but to start with, it would be better that you start with money instead of greed. Small competition Join . In which at least 3 or up to 150 people can join, because here you have a chance of winning. Also, Small competition The entry fees is also less.
  5. Many times it happens that some of the players you have included in your team do not play in the actual match. In such a situation you may suffer a loss. That is why around the start of the match, 10 minutes See in advance which player is playing and which is not playing.

how to set dream11 team

If you want to play by forming a team on Dream11, then you should keep some things in mind:

Choose the right game: If you want to earn money through Dream11, then choose the game carefully. It is not at all necessary that you play all the games. Usually people make this mistake in the beginning. If you want to play fantasy sports, then be careful while choosing the match.

Do your research before playing: Research is very important before playing fantasy sports. Before betting on any match, do research on the following topics:

  • Current and past records of players
  • Pitch Report
  • Squad Information
  • Team performance while batting first and chasing
  • Player performance on a particular ground

Build an all-rounder team: When you make a team, try to include mostly all-rounder players. This can give you bonus points during bowling and batting.

Do not bet all your money on a single match: If you win once or twice on Dream11, there is no guarantee that you will win every time. Therefore, it is very important not to bet all your money on a single match.

Choose the Captain and Vice-Captain carefully: If you choose the captain and vice-captain carefully, then the chances of winning also increase. Not only this, your victory and defeat in the game depends more on their performance. Let us tell you that 2X points and 1.5X points are given respectively on the performance of the captain and vice-captain.

What is Fantasy Point System in Dream11

Dream12 has set different points for batting, bowling, fielding etc., which are as follows:

batting point in dream11

Run +1
Boundary Bonus +1
Six Bonus +2
Half-Century Bonus +4
Century Bonus +8
Dismissal for Duck -3

in dream 11 Bowling Point

Wicket +25
Bonus (LBW/Bowled) +8
4 Wickets Bonus +4
5 Wickets Bonus +8
maiden over +4

in dream 11 fielding point

Catch +8
3 Catch Bonus +4
Stumping +12
Run out (direct hit) +12
Run out (not a direct hit) -6

in dream 11 point of economy rate

Less than 2.5 runs per over +6
Between 2.5-3.49 runs per over +4
Between 3.5-4.5 runs per over +2
Between 7-8 runs per over -2
Between 8.01-9 runs per over -4
More than 9 runs per over -6

Dream11 FAQs

What is Dream11?

Dream11 is a fantasy sports app. Where you can create a team using your sports knowledge and earn real money based on that.

How can I play Dream11?

To play in Dream11, first create and verify an account in Dream11. Login to your Dream11 account and select the matches you want to participate in. Create your fantasy XI team within a budget of 100 points by selecting players based on your cricket knowledge. Select your team leader and vice-captain who will score more points in the real game. Join the game with up to 11 teams in each match to increase your chances of winning. Keep track of the game timings and enjoy watching live and on-demand cricket matches on Dream11.

Is it legal to play Dream11 in India in 2023?

Yes, playing Dream11 is considered legal in India as it requires sports knowledge, skills etc. It falls under the category of sports skill, as per the rules of the government and Supreme Court.

What do I need to create a Dream11 account?

To create a Dream11 account you need to provide your PAN card and bank account details, which are mandatory to withdraw money to your wallet or bank account.

How many players are required in a Dream11 team?

The Dream11 team must have 11 players. The maximum should be 7 players from any team playing in the actual match. The team must include at least 1 wicketkeeper, 3-5 batsmen, 1-3 all-rounders and 3-5 bowlers. All players have to add up to 100 credits within the budget.

Can I play Dream11 without using real money?

Yes, you can participate in practice matches on Dream11 without using real money.

What are credits in Dream11?

Credits are the price of a player. In-form and star players usually cost more credits, while inexperienced or non-regular players receive less credits.

What are fantasy points?

Fantasy points are earned by players based on their performance in a match. For example, players earn points for scoring runs, taking wickets, etc. (cricket).

Can I edit my team after creating it on Dream11?

You can edit your team as many times as you want before the match time limit.

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