iPhone 16 series will have this amazing feature, the phone will not heat up

iPhone 16 series will have this amazing feature, the phone will not heat up

  • Since the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro model, heating problems were mainly seen in it. Many reports and complaints were also registered on social media regarding the sudden heating of new iPhones. At the same time, it now appears that the company does not want to repeat this and for this, Apple is working on a graphene thermal system.

iPhone 16 series will have this amazing feature

  • According to @KosutamiSan, an X user who claims to have an iPhone 16 prototype, Apple is working on new design changes to the iPhone 16 lineup to prevent overheating issues.
  • The 2024 iPhone lineup may use graphene thermal system to improve thermal conductivity as it is a more promising material than copper, which is currently used.
  • To recall, it was initially believed that the heating problem in the iPhone 15 Pro series was due to the newly introduced A17 Pro chip.
  • Some people believed that the smaller heat dissipation area and new titanium frame may be the real cause of heat issues.
  • Apple put an end to these reports by releasing the iOS 17.0.3 update, which confirmed that this is a software issue and not entirely hardware related.
  • Additionally, the
    MacRumors notes that with the Watch series, Apple has already transitioned from black foil casings to metal, so this tip seems valid for the phone’s battery as well.

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