Now you will have to pay for mobile number too? Fees may be levied on phone number! Know the whole truth

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Now Mobile Number You will have to pay money to use it! You will have to pay a fee to use your phone number! Have you heard or read such things these days? There is news that TRAI That is, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has proposed to levy charges on mobile and landline numbers. If you are also worried, then 91mobiles will be the first to tell you that no money will be charged, it is all fake.

Yes, this is Fake News The Government of India and the Department of Telecommunications have no such intention. Whatever has been happening till now will continue in the future as well. There will be no fee to be paid for using the phone number, the use of mobile numbers will be completely free. DoT That is, the Department of Telecommunications has made an official post and said that this rumour spreading on the internet is false.

Rumors of fees on phone numbers

The news is spreading like wildfire that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has put forward a proposal to the Government of India. It has been said that phone numbers are a valuable but limited government property and all mobile companies like Jio and Airtel should be charged for its use. It was said that both mobile numbers and landline numbers should be included in this.

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According to the proposal, Modi government will charge fees from telecom operators and later these companies will reimburse this fee from the general public. When this rumour surfaced, people started cursing the government. The problem has become bigger when this rumour was not limited to the internet or WhatsApp, but the channels also started running it calling it 'breaking news'.

Telecom department gave clarification

Seeing the issue getting escalated, the Department of Telecommunications of the Government of India has come forward and shed light on this matter. Giving clarification on the 'Revision of National Numbering Plan', DoT has said that no fee of any kind will be charged for using the number.

The government has completely denied these rumours and called them 'fake'. This means that it is a matter of relief for the general public that the use of mobile numbers will still remain completely free.

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