OnePlus phones may stop being sold in mobile shops and retail stores! It will be affected from May 1, know why

OnePlus phones may stop being sold in mobile shops and retail stores! It will be affected from May 1, know why

  • When the question of buying the best Android Smartphone arises, many people trust OnePlus. Most of the users purchasing mid budget phones prefer to choose this brand. But this mobile brand may now face a big blow in the offline market of India. OnePlus mobile phones may stop being sold at retail stores and mobile shops from May 1, 2024.

OnePlus phones will not be sold from May 1

  • The sale of OnePlus mobile phones and tablets may stop at retail stores in the coming days. A statement has come from the South Indian Organized Retailers Association (ORA) that they are going to stop the sale of OnePlus devices among the retailers under this association. South Indian ORA has written a letter to Ranjeet Singh, Sales Director of OnePlus India, saying that the sale of OnePlus phones will be stopped from May 1.

Why is OnePlus Mobile Sale stopping in offline market?

According to media reports, ORA, while writing a letter to Ranjit Singh of OnePlus India, has raised many such issues which retailers working in the offline market and people running mobile shops are facing. These problems are:

1. According to the association, shopkeepers are suffering the most loss due to low-profit margins given by the company. According to them, they make very little profit on OnePlus products which is not in the interest of business.

2. Questioning OnePlus policy, ORA has said that the company delays warranty claims and services and shopkeepers and retailers have to face customer dissatisfaction.

3. The association has also expressed displeasure over the negligence in logistics management by OnePlus.

Where will OnePlus phones not be sold?

  • Let us tell you that about 4500 stores in the country come under the leadership of South Indian Organized Retailers Association (ORA). These also include big retail chains like Poorvika Mobiles, Sangeetha Mobiles, Big C and Pooja which have opened their stores in many cities of the country. This means that OnePlus phones may stop being sold at the stores of these brands from May 1.
  • Most of the impact of the OnePlus cell ban being implemented by ORA will be on the southern states of the country. The association has a good presence in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as well as in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The sale of OnePlus company’s products may be banned in these states.
  • Note: Till the time of writing the news, no official statement has come from OnePlus on the steps taken by South Indian ORA. The article will be updated as soon as the company responds on this issue.

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