Samsung Galaxy M14 5G Review: How big is the task of a phone with a big battery and a big screen? read here

Samsung Galaxy M14 5G Review: How big is the task of a phone with a big battery and a big screen? read here

  • A new mobile phone Samsung Galaxy M14 5G has been launched in India in the budget of Rs 15 thousand. From the name itself it can be understood that this is a 5G smartphone. The price of this new Samsung mobile starts from Rs 13,990 and the bigger model has become available for sale at Rs 14,990. If you are planning to buy a new 5G phone in this price range, then Galaxy M14 5G can also be included in your best options. We have given all the details about what are the advantages and disadvantages of this phone. Here you will be able to read how the experience of Samsung Galaxy M14 5G phone was while using it for a few days.
  • The back panel is completely flat, not providing a rear fingerprint sensor is a good decision of Samsung. Apart from the camera setup, there is only Samsung branding at the bottom. The fingerprint sensor, embedded power button and volume rocker are on the right panel of the phone. The headphone jack, Type-C port and speaker grill are given on the lower panel of the phone. The SIM slot is fitted upwards on the left panel.
    The rear look of Galaxy M14 is really good. Fingerprints do not last long on the panel. Yes, the size is a bit big which may cause some trouble to users with small hands. People using the phone with one hand will face some difficulty in accessing the notification panel. For this, both hands will have to be used, otherwise there is a risk of the phone falling.

Samsung Galaxy M14 screen

  • As soon as you turn on the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G, its screen will attract the user. The display brightness and contrast are good and the large screen size further enhances its output. This mobile phone has a 6.6 inch FullHD+ screen with 1080 x 2408 pixel resolution.
    It is an LCD display which does not disappoint during phone use. All types of colors come out brightly on this display. We watched IPL matches on this phone in which the colors of the stadium and the players’ dresses looked quite attractive. At some places we saw over brightness which can irritate the eyes of the user during prolonged use. But it can be controlled through auto brightness feature.
  • The Galaxy M14 5G phone also has Wideline L1 support which will prove beneficial in long use. This screen works at 90Hz refresh rate and we also did not see the problem of flicker anywhere. For screen protection, it is also protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Talking about the overall experience, the screen quality of Galaxy M14 5G will be considered good. It will be fun to play games or watch web series on it.

Samsung Galaxy M14 processing

  • Samsung Galaxy M14 5G has the company’s own Exynos 1330 chipset which works with an octa-core processor with a clock speed of up to 2.4 GHz. We played New State Mobile game on this phone and did not face any problem in processing. No problem like game lag or hang was seen.
  • While playing the game for about an hour, the processing remained smooth and there was no drop in the frame rate. But on the other hand, this phone got heated while playing games and the heat remained present for a long time. Looking at this situation, we estimate that if games are played on Galaxy M14 5G every day and for a long time during the day, then perhaps processing problems may also arise.
  • Apart from heavy gaming, the processing of the phone probably won’t cause any trouble. Things like multi-tasking and app switching have been smooth during use and Samsung’s UI is also quite user-friendly. Let us tell you that OneUI 5.1 has been given in it with Android 13. Another good thing is that the Galaxy M14 5G phone comes with 2 years of Android and 4 years of security updates.

Samsung Galaxy M14 camera

  • The triple rear camera setup of the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G phone has a 50-megapixel primary sensor with F/1.8 aperture, which works in conjunction with a 2-megapixel depth sensor and a 2-megapixel macro lens. We found the camera quality of this phone to be average. There is a lack of sharpness and clear vision in the pictures taken from the phone. Object colors appeared somewhat faded.
  • While the rear camera seemed a little behind us, the front camera of the phone goes two steps ahead. The selfie of Galaxy M14 5G is quite accurate which captures the object quite clearly. This is a 13MP sensor. Selfies can be taken by showing the palm to the front camera. This feature is also available in the company’s expensive Galaxy S23, so we can be happy that you are getting it in the cheap Galaxy M14 5G also.
    Face and filter effects are also provided in the phone camera which works well. It also has Pro Mode and Macro Mode which can be used. However, during use, we did not see much difference between normal mode and pro mode. But if we look at the phone price segment, nothing better than this can be expected in a budget of less than Rs 14 thousand.

Samsung Galaxy M14 5G battery

  • This Samsung phone supports a large battery of 6,000 mAh for power backup. The company claims that once fully charged, it can provide 27 hours of internet surfing or 25 hours of video playback time. We have not used it continuously but after 100% charge, its battery has been able to keep the phone running for 5 days. Even if camera, game, video and chatting are done, this phone

Will take a whole day away from Ram.

  • 25W fast charging support is available with Samsung Galaxy M14 5G. This technology charges the phone faster, but to take advantage of it, you will have to pay extra money. Actually Samsung is not providing adapter with the mobile. Only USB cable is available in the phone box, but no charger. It creates frustration. It can be said that the company has taken this step to keep the phone cost low, which will not be liked by the users.

Features of Samsung Galaxy M14 5G

  • The design of the phone is fantastic.
    Screen quality is excellent.
    Battery backup is amazing.

13 5G Bands are supported.

  • Shortcomings of Samsung Galaxy M14 5G
    Camera quality suffers.
    Charging adapter costs extra.
    No option other than 128 GB memory.
    Not the best option for heavy gaming.


  • The 4GB + 128GB variant of Samsung Galaxy M14 5G phone is available for sale for Rs 13,990 and the 6GB + 128GB variant for Rs 14,990. Samsung brand value and this price make the phone a better option. If you do not play too many games on the phone then it can be considered for other uses. You will have to compromise a bit with the camera, but nowadays third party apps like Insta and Snapchat compensate for this. This can also be chosen in terms of look and design, you will not be disappointed.

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