UPI Scam in India: Types of UPI scam, how to trap people and how to avoid it, know everything

As UPI continues to grow as a popular payment method in the country, many fraud cases related to digital transactions are also coming to the fore. In this scam, mostly those people are being victimized who are not very well aware of this technology. Although they are using it, but due to lack of proper awareness about it, these people are being victimized by fraudsters. In such a situation, those who are not even aware of the general public, they have to lose their thousands and lakhs of rupees which they earn with great hard work. That’s not correct in any way.

UPI scams have been going on for a long time!

If I talk about an incident, let me tell you that, some time ago a woman received a call, in which the woman was told by a person that she had sent some money to him by mistake. The amount was large, now the woman had also received a false message about it. In such a situation, the woman felt that the person was telling the truth because she had also received a message from her bank, in such a situation, the person who was trapping her in the online UPI scam, who sent the money back. However, after some time, the woman came to know that she was trapped and cheated, and the money was looted from her.

By telling any such story, you can be cheated by an online fraudster. Therefore, you’ve to be very careful. If any call comes to you from money transactions, then you need to be more cautious. Let’s now know what is UPI Scam?

What is UPI Scam?

UPI fraud can be any type of suspicious activity that somehow ends up on a UPI transaction. With UPI, you can instantly transfer money to any bank account through a mobile phone. Moreover, UPI makes transactions faster and easier. However, through this, customers can also get trapped in any scam etc. very easily. If you are not alert and aware, then you can also suffer a big financial loss through UPI, as is happening nowadays.

How can cybercriminals trap you by telling a different story?
At present, there are many scams related to UPI in the market. You can be robbed in different ways by telling different stories. Let’s find out what scams have come to light so far.

Fake bill scam

Talking about UPI scams, the most effective scam that is going on at the moment is the fake bill scam. In this scam, there is talk of cybercriminals settling their bills by calling the general public. However, when it is said through people that they have paid their bill, then they are said to be trapped in another circle, like they are told that you can pay your bills through UPI. If you get stuck in this cycle, then you can be robbed very easily while moving things forward. That’s why you should be more careful and as I told you above, you should be more careful wherever you hear money on any call.

Getting trapped through fake Nikesh scheme

This can also be called a known fraud. In this, people are robbed in the name of a tempting investment scheme, in the beginning, people are shown tempting dreams by showing some benefits in the investment, after which when people make a bigger investment, these cybercriminals with all the money are on the run.

Fake customer support services

In this scam, UPI requests are sent to common people by posing as a friend, a family member or a customer service provider. In this scam, customers are given a call which is to give them technical support. If you fall into this trap, then the support of your phone goes to them. After this, they also reach your account and can cause you a big financial loss through UPI.

How to avoid UPI scam?

This is a big question that how you have to protect yourself from UPI scam. This is everybody’s question. In such a situation, I can only tell you that you need to be very careful while making digital payments. You don’t have to share your UPI PIN, password or OTP with anyone. You don’t have to do this over the phone. You don’t have to give this information to anyone. I would say that you should not give this sensitive information to anyone.

Apart from this, you should avoid clicking on any link, do not put your credentials on any website. You can avoid any fraud only by being alert and aware. There’s no other alternative to that. If you are careful, you can protect yourself. Be careful yourself and tell others the same thing so that you as well as your close ones do not fall into the trap of UPI scam.

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