You will get the 'expensive' feel of music in Rs 2,000

There is something in Nothing that makes it different from others. Recently CMF released its Neckband Pro which was launched in India 1999 rupees Selling in. We also used this CMF Neckband Pro for a whole month and after testing it thoroughly, we decided to present its correct and experience based review to the readers. CMF means Color, Material, and Finish, The new Neckband Pro has it all. You can read the detailed review further.

In this article:

How is CMF Neckband Pro?

How does it look?

In the case of neckband, most people talk about comfort first. Keeping it for a long time leads to complaints of neck pain and discomfort. But this is not the case with CMF Neckband Pro. It's really quite comfortable, Their weight is so light that one does not even notice that they are hanging on the neck. This neckband has a layer of soft material which does not cause any problem in neck movement.

The design and build quality of CMF Neckband Pro is also excellent. It is as comfortable as it is strong, To test its flexibility, we stretched, bent and twisted it and it had no effect on the neckband. Its wire also remained safe. this device IP55 It has been brought with a rating which keeps it safe from water and dust.

Smart Dial is a big highlight of the CMF Neckband Pro, It's a 3-in-1 sound control button that works like the crown of a watch. It can adjust volume, play/pause songs, go next and back, and activate noise cancellation. The CMF Neckband Pro is available in Dark Grey, Light Gray and Orange colors and the one we used was Orange.

How does it sound?

No matter what the style of any audio product, unless the sound is good, it will be considered useless. In the case of the CMF Neckband Pro we would say 'high end shop, extremely sweet treat'. i.e. its The style is as brilliant as the sound is as incomparable Is. The bass and treble equalizer is perfect and at full volume it is not only loud but provides a balanced output. It gives you a feeling of solitude even in the midst of noise.

This neckband pro supports Spatial Audio Effect which 360° listening experience gives. The Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) provided in the neckband makes this experience even more wonderful. It produces such an amazing sound effect that you will feel as if someone is playing music behind your head. Till now we had seen such experience only in expensive audio wearables.

If we look at the technical specifications, this Neckband Pro of CMF 13.6mm dynamic drivers, 50dB Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Ultra Bass 2.0 Like amazing features have been provided. The coordination of all these gives a great music experience. in this neckband 5 HD microphones Which give absolutely clear voice during calling.

How is the connection?

With a stylish look and great sound quality, this CMF Neckband Pro is easy to connect to the phone. In this Bluetooth 5.3 Which keeps the connection strong. Even though the mobile was kept 1 floor above, it was connected to the phone and the songs were being heard perfectly without any lag or latency.

Present in Neckband Pro Dual Device Connection Due to the quality of technology, this neckband can be connected to two devices simultaneously. We connected it to both our iPhone and Mac and it switched very quickly on both.

in neckband pro Magnetic Connection Feature is also given. Due to this, as soon as the earbuds are stuck together, it turns off and as soon as they are separated, it turns on. Let us tell you that in this neckband 220mAh battery It is given which after spending half an hour on charge, it easily takes two afternoons.

How is the power backup?

Let us tell you that in Neckband Pro 220mAh Battery As per the company's claim, it has the capability to provide 18 hours of backup with ANC off only when charged for 10 minutes. According to the brand, it can run for 38 hours without noise cancellation after full charge.

During 1 month of use, we put this neckband on charge for about half an hour every third day and there was never any complaint of the battery going off. It can be charged with any USB Type-C cable. Let us tell you here that the company does not provide this cable in the box. You will have to arrange it yourself.


Often we judge the quality and performance of a product based on its price. But CMF Neckband Pro has the ability to change your thinking. Simply put, we had little expectation of getting such a great result at this price, but it really surprised us. The sound is tremendous. In terms of design, it is different from other neckbands available in the market and is comfortable and can prove to be great for users of all ages. This will be useful for you in daily use. No fear of falling, no worry of damage, no tension of charging again and again. There itself CMF Neckband Pro is great when it comes to music,

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