How to Find Lost/Stolen Switched Off Mobile (Android and iPhone)

how to switch off mobile

If your mobile is stolen or lost somewhere and the mobile is switched off, can it be found? Yes, you can find the location of a stolen or lost mobile, but it also depends on the device. If your Android phone is lost, Google Find My Device The feature also helps in finding offline. Whereas for iOS devices you can Find My You can take help of the app. let us know How to find switched off mobile (How to switch off mobile).

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How to find switched off mobile (Android Phone)

If the mobile is switched on, then it is quite easy to detect, but if the mobile gets switched off due to some reason, then the location before switching off can be detected. For this you can follow the steps given below:

step 1: You Or open the Find My Device app on any other Android phone. This will allow you to access the location of your lost or stolen phone from other phones as well.

how to switch off mobilehow to switch off mobile
Step-2: Then google account Sign in with. Here, keep in mind that sign in with the same Google account with which you signed in the stolen or lost phone.
Step-3: You will then see a list of devices signed in with the same account. Then from the list Device Click on the one that has disappeared. you need to know about that device last location Will be visible.
Step-4:If your device is somewhere nearby, you can find it based on its last location. If you feel that the device has been stolen, then from here factory reset device Using the option, you can delete all the data on the device, so that it cannot be misused.

How to find Android phone with Google Maps?

You can use Google Maps to locate your Android phone. For this you can try the method given below:

step 1: To locate your phone with Google Maps, go to Device Find My Device app It is necessary to have. Also, the app needs to be linked to a Google account, so you can use it on your phone. location history Can see.
Step-2: Log in with your Google Account. then after that Google Maps Open the.
Step-3: in the upper right corner of the screen profile icon Click on.
Step-4: from drop-down list your timeline Select the option.

how to switch off mobilehow to switch off mobile
Step-5: After this, in the window that pops up date Enter, when you lost your device.
Step-6: Then you are reported by the device last location You can access the list.

How to find switched off mobile (iPhone)

To track the location of Apple devices Find My App is used. If you have enabled this app from the device's settings, then it will be easy to find the device from another iPhone. Although for this your iCloud account You will need to login from. After this you will have to follow the following steps.

step 1: You are on another iPhone Find my app Open it.
Step-2: here you me Tab has to be selected.
Step-3: now you down Help a Friend Option will appear, it has to be selected.
Step-4: Here icloud You will have to login with your account. If the message asks to login with facial ID, Use a Different Apple ID Choose. After this, login with the help of iCloud ID and password.
Step-5: When you're asked to save your password, Not Now Click on. After this you can use the app to find the device.
Step-6: The map will show you the last location of the device. If the device is on, current location Will be seen. Once you know the device's location, click on the name in the top right corner and sign out.

How to find iPhone from computer

If you want, you can also find the iPhone with the help of your computer. For this the steps given below have to be followed:

step 1: on your computer/laptop icloud Open the.
Step-2: Now Apple ID and password Sign in with the help of.
Step-3: After this you Find iPhone Click on that option.
Step-4: again on top All Devices Tap on the option. Then select the device which is missing.
Step-5: after this map But you will see the last location of your device. If the device is on, then you will be able to see the current location also.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can a switched off phone be traced by IMEI number?

It is not easy to find a switched off phone by IMEI number. However, law enforcement agencies like police are experts in this matter that they can also find switched off phones. For this you will have to file an FIR.

How to enable Find My app in iPhone?

To enable Find My app in iPhone, you have to go to the Settings of the iPhone. Then here you have to tap on your name. Then select Find My App from the list. Here turn on the Share my location option.

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