Oneplus Pad Go Review: Better choice in budget

Oneplus Pad Go Review: Better choice in budget

  • Seeing the way internet based services are increasing today, the demand for a big screen device is increasing in every home. A device on which you can take office meetings, a device on which you can video chat with the entire family, a device on which you can see things clearly and shop online and a device on which you can study easily. For many such small and big needs, a device with a big screen is required. Keeping these needs in mind, today the demand for tablets in homes is increasing rapidly, especially for budget tablets. Till now many brands including Samsung and Redmi were present in this segment in the Indian market, but now OnePlus has launched ‘Padf Go’. This tablet is available in the budget of Rs 20 thousand and there is a lot of discussion about it.
  • This tablet of OnePlus has also come to us for review. We have used it for a long time. Let us know in detail about its merits and demerits…

Design and display

  • Talking about the design of Oneplus Pad Go, it looks slim. The look will attract you. The company has used polycarbonate plastic in the back panel, which is available in dual tone. At the back, metallic gradient color has been used. Despite the metallic body, it is less slippery from hands and gives you a good feeling.
  • A single camera of 8 MP will be visible in the rear panel. There will be dual speaker grills at the top and bottom i.e. a total of four speaker grills. Apart from this, you get a USB Type-C port. Volume rocker, power button and SIM slot are provided on the side itself. We got its LTE variant, while the OnePlus Pad Go also has a Wi-Fi model.
  • Talking about the edges, it is not curved but flat. In such a situation, someone may like it or someone may complain that the hands do not have proper grip. However, as far as we are concerned, we like this design. One more thing that can be said about the design is that it seems somewhat similar to the Realme Pad. The weight of this tablet is 532 grams i.e. more than half a kilogram. In such a situation, it cannot be made too heavy.
  • Along with the tablet, the company has also launched a folio case. However this is not part of the box content. For this you will have to pay Rs 1,399 separately.
  • Talking about the display after design, the company has used 11.3 inch IPS panel in Oneplus Pad Go. This tablet comes with 2.5K i.e. 2,408 x 1,720 pixel resolution. It would be considered good in this price bracket. The company has used 90Hz screen refresh rate. There is something missing here. Here Realme Pad 2 which is available in the same price bracket has a screen refresh rate of 120Hz. The company has provided Dragontrail glass protection on the screen.
  • As far as display quality is concerned, it is fine for indoor, but there can be some problem in outdoor, especially if there is even a little sunlight. As far as color output is concerned, the display will be liked, but AMOLED will be lacking in some places. However, during use, we watched videos, browsed and even read. It was good in video streaming, but in some OTT apps black bars are visible on both sides. As far as reading is concerned, you will enjoy it, but the absence of reading mode can be considered a shortcoming. Another drawback is that the bezels appear a little big.

hardware and software

  • The company has introduced OnePlus Pad Go tablet with MediaTek’s Helio G99 processor. It can be said that this processor is a bit old and it would have been better if a new processor had been used. In this range, Realme Tab 2 also comes with this chipset. Yes! If we look at the Qualcomm processor, we can see Lenovo Tab M10, which is available on Snapdragon 695 chipset. Also, it supports 5G. We reviewed the 4G LTE model of OnePlus Tab Go which comes with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. For storage, this tab supports UFS 2.2, which would be good. Talking about RAM, the company has introduced it with 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM and all its models have only 8 GB RAM.
  • During our review, we tested this tab on several benchmarks, where it was able to score 3,98,672 on performance benchmark Entuit, while on Geekbench it was able to score 637 in single core and 1,772 in multicore. On graphics benchmark GFX Bench, it managed a Manhattan score of 2,274. With this the score on 3D mark went up to 372. Overall, the score is average. Can’t say very good. But one can’t expect too much from a budget tablet. One thing I must say is that this MediaTek processor is known for its very stable performance and we also saw CPU throttling. The tab was stable up to 94 percent, so that can be said to be good.
  • Although the tab cannot be called a gaming device, during the stress test we did 30 minutes of gaming and it did not get hot, but there was a battery drop of 9 percent, which would be said to be more than average. In such a situation, it can be said that this tab is not for heavy use. Perfect for social media, video streaming, reading etc.
  • Although the tab cannot be called a gaming device, during the stress test we did 30 minutes of gaming and it did not get hot, but there was a battery drop of 9 percent, which would be said to be more than average. In such a situation, it can be said that this tab is not for heavy use. Perfect for social media, video streaming, reading etc.
  • Talking about hardware, I would definitely like to mention music here too. The speakers of the tab come with Dolby Atmos integration and you will love it. It is quite loud and will support you even without headphones during conferencing, music or video streaming.
  • It also has the support of Bluetooth 5.2, where we used it by connecting a keyboard and mouse and all the devices were working quite lag free.
  • Talking about the operating system, OnePlus Pad Go works on Oxygen OS 13.2 which is based on Android 13. The good thing can be said that the company has given the assurance of 3 years of software updates. The interface of the tablet is as clean as that of the phone, which we liked quite a bit. Yes, features like multitasking, split screen and drag drop also seemed quite good.
    Talking about the camera, both front and back have an 8 MP camera and these are average. Yes! Be it indoor or outdoor photos will look a bit washed out. You can do video conferencing and family video calls without any hassle. Whereas if you are using it for productivity, then it will also be helpful in document scanning etc. For video, this tab records at 1080 pixels 30 frames and that too can be said to be fine. To be honest, in some cases the front camera will impress you more than the rear.


  • OnePlus Tab Go has an 8,000 mAh battery and the company has provided 33W Super VOOC charger. The tab takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge. During use, the screen on time was 9 hours 21 minutes, which is quite good. Yes, one drawback was found that without SIM the battery drains very less, whereas as soon as the SIM is inserted the battery drains very fast.


  • The starting WiFi model of OnePlus Tab Go is available for Rs 19,999. The price of 128 GB storage model of LTE variant is Rs 21,999, while the 256 GB variant of LTE is available for Rs 23,999.


  • Overall, you will like the design, clean operating and display of the tablet. At the same time, good battery performance and excellent music quality also impress you. Talking about shortcomings, mediocre performance and average camera hold it back a bit, but three years of software updates and 4 years of security updates prove it to be a long lasting device. Overall, if we look at the style, performance and features as per the price, it will be called a ‘value for money’ product. Therefore you can also buy.

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